Online Gambling: Walking Away a Winner

October 20th, 2014

What does it take to be a winner at online gambling? Of course, you need strategy and knowledge. It is also important to realise that approaching any game with the correct mindset is extremely critical. This is one of the methods that the best players in the world use to increase their winnings. So, how can this seemingly impossible feat be accomplished?

Never Play Tired

A tired mind will result in bad decisions. You will make simple mistakes that otherwise would have been avoided. If you arrive home from work and can hardly keep your eyes open, it is best to walk away for the time being. Coffee alone will not help. Instead, remember that your favourite online portal will still be there in the morning.

Cut Your Losses

There is a mentality that “eventually you will win”. While this true, never forget that a losing streak can again cause you to bet too much and lose a tonne of money. If you find that lady luck has not been on your side for quite some time, let her temporarily win and walk back fresh in the future.

The Thirty Per Cent Rule

This rule essentially dictates that you should bet no more than thirty per cent of your winnings at any given time. Although going “all in” may seem romantic, leave the risk to James Bond. Even the largest jackpot can evapourate within seconds otherwise.

Playing with a level head and appreciating these few tips are great ways to increase your levels of enjoyment and more importantly, to add a bit of cash to your pocket.