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Differences between Land and Online Casinos

May 11th, 2017

You can either play casino games physically in the casino hall, or online through any of your internet-enabled devices. There are benefits and detriments to either choice. To make the right choice, it is important that you understand the differences between the two.

The Human factor

The physical casino has to be run by human beings. That means staff, and the logistics around employee transportation and customer service. The physical casino has to provide top of the line services to be able to maintain customers. That means that you will get a better treatment at some physical casinos than on their online equivalent. If you are a player who likes to savor the physical casino environment, you are better off in a physical facility rather than playing online. Check out CNN for their top five Macau casinos.


The second difference is the accessibility. Online casinos are easily accessible. All that a player needs to access a live game for example is an internet connection. You can access your online casino from anywhere, anytime you wish, as long as you have a connection. The derived benefit from this is that you are able to game when you feel like it, with no real restrictions. Online Internet Casinos has the buzz on live casino games.


A physical casino is restricted by size and investment. The bigger a casino is the more games it is likely to offer. This means that there is a chance of a player not finding his or her preferred game at a physical establishment. The online version of a casino is unlimited. That is because there really is no limit to how many games can be programmed. For a wider variety, the online option is far better than the physical version and the Chicago Tribune seems to agree.

The choice comes down to what the player feels is best for him or her. There are players who play both at physical locations and online.

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