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How to improve your poker game.

October 26th, 2014

Playing poker successfully can be a lucrative source of extra income – particularly with the ever-increasing number of online players. Whether you’re playing $1 or $1000 buy-ins, however, no-one’s game is perfect.

We look at three methods to improve your poker game:



As with any game or skillset, practice makes perfect. The more hands of poker you play, the more scenarios you will face, and the better you will become at reading and reacting to these scenarios. If you are still a novice, practice at lower-stake games, where buy-ins can be as little as a couple of pennies.

Fold More

One of the major faults with many players’ game (particularly online) is the inability to fold a good hand to a massive bet. While there are definitely times that you could be being bluffed, chances are your top pair isn’t good when faced with an all-in. As Kenny Rodgers rightly pointed out, winning players know when to fold ’em.

Keep Calm

One of the most common causes for mistakes in poker, making decisions when angry or frustrated (also known as being ‘on tilt’) is a sure-fire way to lose money. If you feel yourself getting irate, step away from the computer!

If you stick to the three golden rules above, you will have a long and enjoyable spell at the tables. Now, shuffle up and deal…

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