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May the Odds Be Forever In Your Favour

June 10th, 2017

Betting on sports disciplines requires a certain amount of knowledge about the given discipline. As bettors want to be able to accurately predict the outcomes of the game, to rake in the best winnings, knowledge is important.

That said, one need not be an expert or have a profound knowledge, although it would be favourable. This is because bets are calculated depending on the odds of a win or loss. For the most part, siding with the underdog will guarantee bigger payouts. Having said that; there are numerous betting strategies that would please both amateurs and sports betting gurus alike, at the end of the day it depends on the level of risk a player chooses to employ. For a basic overview on odds and betting strategies click here.

There are four major types of wager options offered at most sportsbooks. These being money line bets, where bets are placed on the preferred team, which is required to win to achieve a payout regardless of the resulting score. In this scenario, the weaker team is favoured in terms of odds and payout.

Spread line bets take into consideration the skill level of the teams and likelihood of winning. The difference from money line bets is that the final score is considered and the stronger team takes points from the result, whereas the weaker team gives them.

Total Bets are relatively self-explanatory, in the sense that payouts are made depending on the final score.

Proposition bets, on the other hand, rely on specific outcomes, and payouts will only be made based on these.

Parlays rely on numerous bets where the payoffs are much larger should all the placed bets win.

Teasers are much like parlays; however they are to the bettor’s advantage. That said, the payoffs are usually lower.

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